Space science and technology and their applications have already been integrated into our daily lives and provide useful tools to support our daily activities. As demonstrated in the emergency response and rescue operations following a series of recent natural disasters, the effective use of Earth observation, communications and positioning satellites, for example, leads to saving many lives.

In spite of the growing evidences of the usefulness of space science and technology for the society, the level of appreciation of their importance by the general public and policy makers is still limited. Efforts must be strengthened to increase awareness of the usefulness and importance of space science and technology and their applications to enhance the quality of our lives and to support sustainable development of the society, to live in harmony with nature and to face challenges that it presents. It is equally important that our young generations also realize that we live in the society that greatly benefits from the advancement of space science and technology and their various applications.

It is with such a vision of providing a world class experience to young aspirants by taking them on a truly exquisite educational and entertaining voyage through the world without boundaries, NSO is intended to ignite the young talented minds and to enable them “think out of the box” to which they may be confined with the current educational system. It take them through a lifetime experience by providing qualified faculty and distinctive training modules based on the evolving educational standards.