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  • NOTE: There is NO Login Id and password for the candidates to attend the online examination. Instead a list will be published on the website 3 days prior to the exam, in which candidate’s exam time, facilitator’s contact number will be provided. On exam day the Facilitator will give a call to the candidate and provide a meeting ID and password to get connected to the exam portal. Once connected, the facilitator will share a question paper and the candidate has to read the questions and reply to the correct answer orally to the examiner. The examiner will save the answer in the exam portal. In the online exam, the candidates will be asked 30 multiple choice questions based on Space Science and related syllabus given below. The total time allowed to complete the quiz will be 10 minutes. Only one attempt is allowed. To attend the online examination, the candidates can use a computer with a webcam/ Laptop or Mobile, a working internet connection with reasonable speed and an Internet Browser (Firefox/Google Chrome). Minimum computer knowledge is advised. MICROPHONE IS MANDATORY. 

Mode of Exam

National Space Olympiad is an online examination which is conducted through webinar. So to attend the examination students need a laptop/computer with a webcam, a pair of ear phones, and good quality internet connection.

After registration, examination dates and times will be shared and according to the pre-published examination schedule on the specified day and time of exam, the examiner will call the participant and connect him/her to the exam portal. This will be a one-to-one exam and therefore examiner and participant will stay connected throughout the exam.

NSO Levels

National Space Olympiad competition will be conducted in three levels

  1. Preliminary Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Final Level

Online Exam is Multiple Choice 

Students who qualify the preliminary round will be allowed to go on to the next.  The same structure will be followed throughout for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final level competitions.

National Space Olympiad

Eligibility and Category

NSO Eligibility

Enthusiasts from all over the world with any Nationality can be a part of the National Space Olympiad competition as it is an online competition. Students who are studying in grade 5 to 12 are eligible to attend the NSO examination.

NSO Category

Students are divided in three groups as per the class they are studying in.

  1. Junior Category – Grade 5,6 and 7

  2. Senior Category – Grade 8,9 and 10

  3. Super Senior Category – Grade 11 and 12

National Space Olympiad Syllabus

Preliminary Level – The Space Odyssey

  • Important Milestones in Space Exploration
  • Major Space Agencies – NASA, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA, ISRO, CNSA, ESA,CSA
  • Record Holding Astronauts From Different Countries
  • The Key Space Missions -Planetary, Earth Observational, Astronomical, and more
  • Launch Vehicles and Launch Station Around the World


Intermediate Level – Astrophysics: The Life of Stars

  • Nebulae, Protostar, Brown Dwarf
  • Nuclear Fusion, Hydrostatic Equilibrium
  • Main Sequence Star, Chandrasekhar Limit
  • Red Giant, Red Super Giant, White Dwarf
  • Supernova, Neutron Star, Blackhole


Final Level – Cosmology: Origin and Evolution of Universe

  • Big Bang Theory, Inflation, Dark Ages
  • Development of Galaxies, Accelerated Expansion, CMBR
  • Dark Matter, Dark Energy.
  • Galaxies – Classifications, Large Scale Structure
  • Supermassive Blackhole